Belgian open frame 7mm pinfire revolver.
6 chamber cylinder, folding trigger, 3.4 inch barrel
Double action, ELG proofed, rifled barrel.
Proofed between 1877 and 1893



1207161439_2 1207161439_3
Belgian proof mark ELG on star and inspector’s mark (spangled T) on cylinder (L) and unknown mark „G” on cylinder (R).

Inspector’s mark (spangled T) and illegible mark (AC?) on barrel(L) and numbers (31 and 6) on frame (R)

1207161444_8 1207161447_11
Serial number on frame (L) and star shaped punch on frame (R).
Unknown punch on frame.

1207161440_4 1207161446_9 1207161449_12
Four notches on cylinder (R), frame (M) and barrel (L)